Help and Support

Contacting Us

If at any time during your gaming experience an issue arises or you have a question or concern, be sure to mail us at [email protected] We take great pride in ensuring all inquires are answered in 24 hours or less.

Playing for Bitcoin

While you can play all our casino games for free, if you ever choose to play or Bitcoin, you first must register by clicking the following link where the only information needed is a username and password, email addresses are optional (note: registration-less gaming is on our roadmap, but not yet implemented - follow us on twitter to get the latest news). After you sign-in, click the "Account Actions" link in the top right section of your screen and choose "Deposit" to see your receiving Bitcoin Address.

Account Funding

After your send Bitcoin to your designated receiving address we instantly credit your account with 1000 credits for every 1.0 Bitcoin you send.

How quick are deposits and withdrawals

Deposits are instant and for the most part all withdrawals are also instant. In rare cases a withdrawal may take up to 24 hours to initiate, but that's only because we may need to move Bitcoin from our cold wallet to our hot wallet.

How do I withdrawal?

After you sign-in, click the "Account Actions" link in the top right section of your screen, then click "Withdrawal" and proceed to fill out how much you wish to withdrawal and the destination Bitcoin address. Almost all withdrawals are instant, but in rare situations it may take 24 hours to initiate from our end.

Are my Bitcoins safe?

Absolutely, our hot wallet is not only not physically living on our gaming servers, but we routinely move funds to a cold wallet which is backed-up twice daily and stored off-line to prevent against malicious behavior.


Yes, please learn more about it by visiting our overview page.